Aş Evi




Every day in our soup kitchen established by our association, we welcome our valuable guests, students and people in need in the best way. Thanks be to our Lord; In this soup kitchen, we serve food to 1000 people every day, and to 2500 people during oil lamp nights and Ramadan. In addition, every Sunday morning, after the conversation, we offer hot tekke soup for 300 people. “أطعموا الطعام, وأفشوا السلام, وصلوا الأرحام, وصل وا باليلي النال أن أن الن الن الن الن الن الن الن الم people are sick people. Spread the greetings, feed the food, make a family family, perform the night prayer while people are sleeping, and you will enter Paradise in peace. ” (Hadith-i Sharif, Ibn Majah)